DI Tanner Crime Thrillers

BROADLAND (DI Tanner #1)

A girl’s body found mutilated by a boat’s propeller, another dumped at the bottom of a slipway, and a disused Norfolk mill, hiding the secret to both.

Broadland 200


Four missing children, three murdered men, and the helm of a boat with a blood-red sail, hiding a secret only he can tell.

MOORINGS (DI Tanner #3)

A war veteran murdered in his home, a property developer with links to organised crime, and an old family secret that seems unwilling to stay dead.

HORSEY MERE (DI Tanner #5)

The remains of a 17th Century witch, an MP found hanging above a five-pointed star, and three girls with powers beyond anyone's control.

ST. BENET'S (DI Tanner #2)

A girl thrown from a church tower, a man sacrificed to Satan, and a priest murdered at the hands of the Devil.


A body caught on the end of a mast, another skewered by a rhond hook, and a chain of evidence Tanner cannot accept.

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